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Microsoft Funding



Microsoft Funding

Many organizations don't realize that Microsoft sales teams have copious amounts of business incentive funds (BIFs) at their disposal. Tad Nelson Consulting’s Microsoft status enables the ability for certain customers to qualify for BIFs.

Here's what you and your company need to know about BIFs:

• BIFs for customers are never in cash. Usually BIFs take the form of credits against product purchases from Microsoft or vouchers that can be used to hire Tad Nelson Consulting.

• BIFs are assigned to Tad Nelson Consulting to provide services, migrations, training, and troubleshooting.

• BIFs are used to fund outside research projects, trials, and proof of concepts.

Microsoft BIFs aren't new. They've been around for many years. The biggest problem is that customers don’t utilize partners to their full extent. While the exact amount of available BIF funds is a closely guarded secret the amounts are substantial: Microsoft BIF 6.0 ($500+ million) is designed to drive revenue. BIF is a bucket of funds to support project expenses. It gives a shortcut for lengthy approval process to get project fund.