XENAPP 6.5 enhancments

Featuring turbocharged app launches and a seamless multimedia experience over any network, Citrix XenApp 6.5 now delivers an even better user experience for on-demand application delivery. With Citrix Receiver providing access from over one billion devices and enhanced management features that simplify deployment and support, it's easy to see why XenApp is the de facto standard in on-demand application delivery. Now XenApp 6.5 makes it even easier for IT to control costs by centralizing applications and delivering them securely to any user, anywhere.

fast mobile access to applications


Instant App Access

Three new Instant App Access features dramatically reduce the time it takes for users to launch applications delivered by XenApp. Session Pre-Launch, Session Linger and Fast Reconnect shorten app launch time by initializing a XenApp ICA session immediately upon user login and keeping that session alive for a time period determined by the IT admin.

Any device, anywhere with Citrix Receiver

XenApp 6.5 takes advantage of the latest Citrix Receiver enhancements for extreme multitasking, faster Windows app performance and advanced Linux device support. Users have ultimate mobility with access to corporate applications from almost any smartphone or tablet—over one billion devices in all.

Native Device Experience

XenApp 6.5 delivers hosted shared desktops that are automatically re-skinned for touch-friendly use on mobile devices and hosted applications that enable features such as auto-keyboard popup. With the newly available software developer kit, developers can customize Windows applications to take advantage of unique mobile device capabilities such as camera and GPS.

seamless multimedia expierence with hdx

HDX MediaStream for Flash

Adobe Flash content can be rendered locally in many more cases than before, resulting in even higher server scalability and a great user experience even at up to 300 ms round-trip latency.

Multi-stream ICA

IT administrators now have the option of delivering HDX ICA traffic over up to four TCP/IP streams. This enables full flexibility for Quality of Service (QoS) routing and provides superior audio-visual quality over the WAN without disrupting other HTTP traffic.

Enhanced desktop experience

IT can take advantage of the ease of management and cost effectiveness of publishing a hosted shared desktop delivered by XenApp on Windows 2008 R2, while users enjoy the look and feel of an updated Windows 7 desktop.


simplified deployment and management


Desktop Director

Now IT help desk admins can monitor, troubleshoot and provide assistance with virtual desktops and apps for 1,000 users as easily as for one. The same Desktop Director console can be used to assist users with XenDesktop delivered desktops as well as XenApp applications and server-hosted desktops.

Dynamic datacenter provisioning

XenApp 6.5 deployments can be scaled up quickly by creating "controller" or "worker" roles in a XenApp server farm. Because workers need to sync much less data, fewer database transactions are required and the process of joining a large number of servers to a XenApp farm is faster and easier.