XENapp how it works

Citrix XenApp is an on-demand application delivery solution that centralizes application management in the datacenter to reduce cost up to 50 percent and deliver instant and secure access to Windows® applications to users anywhere. Whether online or offline, virtual application delivery is optimized for each user device, network, and location to ensure a high-definition experience.


Centralize applications

Centrally configure, store, and maintain a single application image in the datacenter, either on multi-user terminal servers or centralized virtual machines, and enable seamless delivery from any operating system.


Configure access

System intelligence and configurable access controls automatically determine the optimal method for delivering each application based on the user scenario, device capabilities, network performance, connection location, and security profile.


Enable self-service

Users can subscribe to the applications they need from a simple enterprise app storefront and gain instant access from whichever device is most convenient – PC, Mac, netbook, tablet or smartphone.


Deliver apps on-demand

XenApp delivers applications via a high speed delivery protocol for use while connected, or streamed via Citrix application virtualization or Microsoft® App-V™ directly to the device for use when offline.