XENdesktop 5.6fp1 enhancments

Enterprises around the world are transforming their desktop environments from device-centric management to user-centric private clouds where desktops and applications are delivered as a service, on-demand. XenDesktop 5.6 Feature Pack 1 (FP1) accelerates desktop transformation by delivering high-performance personal desktops and apps with all the flexibility, performance and user experience of a PC, but optimized for network, server and storage resources.

personal vdi desktops for any user


Expand the use cases for virtual desktops to demanding knowledge workers by permitting all of the customization, application flexibility and persistence they expect from their desktop while achieving the ease of management and storage optimizations needed for large-scale deployments.

  • •Virtual user drive technology called Personal vDisk in Desktop Studio permits administrators or even users to install applications without impacting the master image.

    •New user profile manager unifies and manages user settings across Windows platforms.

    •Windows folder redirection keeps user data out of the virtual machine for efficiency and high availability.

Scalable, high-performance multimedia

Optimize your users' experience by delivering high-quality voice, video and multimedia while reducing bandwidth and server-side rendering to drive down the cost of deployment.

  • •Real-time audio stream reduces the impact of network latency for voice traffic.

  • •Webcam compression and peer-to-peer connections of popular unified communications applications enables enterprise-scale video conferencing.

  • •Graphics command redirection decreases bandwidth an additional 33 percent while delivering a "local" experience.

  • •Intelligent local rendering takes the load off the server, increasing density by 10 times.

Support for more than two billion devices


Provide secure access to any desktop or application over any device from any location. Deliver touch-friendly Windows apps to mobile devices that adapt to the way users interact with apps on smaller devices such as smartphones and tablets without source code changes.

  • •New Citrix Receiver clients support over two billion devices including iOS, Android, Chrome OS, Mac OS, Linux and Windows.

  • •New Receiver clients deliver over three times faster Windows performance.

  • •New Receiver client for Linux powers a new generation of low-cost thin clients.