XENdesktop how it works

XenDesktop transforms desktops and apps into an on-demand service

•Use the hypervisor of your choice - XenServer, Microsoft® or vSphere™.
•Host virtual desktops and apps in the datacenter.
•Deliver desktops and applications in high definition.
•Using Citrix Receiver, users get self-service access to desktops and apps from any device.

Three phased transformation approach to desktop virtualization

The Citrix Desktop Transformation Model is an industry-endorsed, field proven method that helps customers transform their computing environment from a device-centric, distributed management paradigm to a more user-centric, virtualized model. To speed the transition, the Citrix Project Accelerator provides step-by-step help with free tools and expert guidance.


1. Assess

Profile and prioritize user groups and the applications that they use. The goal is to decide which user segments will be virtualized and in what order, which FlexCast model is best for each and what applications need to be part of the solution.


2. Design

Create a detailed design for your first project including networking, Active Directory, storage and image provisioning considerations. The goal is to think through all detailed decisions and requirements of your XenDesktop installation before you install.


3. Deploy

Install, test, pilot and rollout the desktop delivery infrastructure as outlined in your design. The goal is a methodical implementation and thoughtful rollout approach that will help you realize an impressive and consistent virtual desktop experience for end users.