XENserver whats's new

Citrix XenServer is a complete, enterprise-class virtualization platform with all the capabilities needed to create and manage a virtual infrastructure for servers, desktops and clouds. A full suite of virtualization tools delivers cost savings throughout your datacenter with improved flexibility and reliability to provide high performance support for your business. The new server virtualization features improve datacenter consolidation and simplify the path to cloud computing with advanced virtual machine migration, enhanced networking and security, increased vendor compatibility and automated virtual machine conversion tools.

Transform your VM's quickly with XenServer Conversion Manager

The trend toward multi-hypervisor datacenters has created a significant opportunity for XenServer. As many of our customers virtualize cloud and desktop workloads they are excited to have such a feature rich alternative that delivers a predictable cost structure. Our XenServer conversion manager was designed with this customer in mind to help them automate the conversion of VMware® virtual machines to XenServer environments.

Best Platform for Cloud Computing

Citrix has gained a significant foothold in the cloud computing space with XenServer and more recently Citrix CloudPlatform (based on Apache CloudStack). XenServer is the dominant virtualization platform in over 80 percent of CloudPlatform customer environments and in 4 out of 5 of the largest clouds today. The tight integration of these two platforms demonstrated in XenServer 6.1 will provide a new level of manageability and security that will provide a strategic advantage for our cloud customers.

Shared Nothing Live Storage Migration

One of the most highly requested features from our customers, Storage XenMotion, provides the industry’s most comprehensive solution for migrating virtual machines. Coupled with our existing XenMotion, customers can now freely move virtual machines and their associated storage between hosts, pools, local and shared storage and even to the cloud.