XENserver how it works

Citrix XenServer provides all of the enterprise-class features needed to integrate, manage, and automate a virtual datacenter at half the cost of other solutions.


Design and implement

Contact us to start your design. Dedicate a 64-bit system with either Intel® VT or AMD V™ technology and a Windows® OS computer to install XenServer and the XenCenter management console. We will guide you through the entire installation process.


Convert and Consolidate

Convert existing physical servers to virtual machines using XenConvert and create new virtual machines from the XenCenter management console. Establish virtualization templates to further facilitate the creation of new virtual machines. Reduce the number of physical servers required by migrating virtual machines.


Operate and Manage

Perform key datacenter automation tasks using the features of XenServer Free Edition in your live production environment. See how features such as XenConvert, XenMotion, and XenCenter provide the necessary tools to manage a virtual datacenter.