Envisioning phase


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Envisioning is the first step a project team takes to turn business requirements into a change in the IT infrastructure or into new IT services that can be delivered into production. It’s the process of unifying a team with a common vision and is a key requirement for ensuring a project’s success. A project team must have a clear vision of what it wants to accomplish and be able to communicate this vision in terms that motivate team members, customers, and stakeholders. The process of envisioning begins in the Plan Phase and concludes in the Deliver Phase.

Tad Nelson Consulting will engage by creating high-level views of the project’s goals and constraints.  The envisioning phase serves as an early form of planning. It sets the stage for the more formal planning process that will take place during the Project Planning Phase.

In this phase, Tad Nelson Consulting will work with the client to assemble the core project team. The role(s) of each project team member will be defined and the team will document the project structure as well as the vision and scope.


1.       Project Kick-off

2.       High Level Project Plan

3.       Communication Plan (If required)

4.       Vision/Scope Approved