Delivery Overview

Tad Nelson Consulting leverages the Microsoft Operations Framework (“MOF”) and Microsoft Solutions Framework (“MSF”) methodology based upon our experience in managing Microsoft infrastructure projects and operations management.  This methodology is also based on the ITIL framework. It brings pre-defined templates for project plans, communications documents, current state analysis, test and migration plans as well as full knowledge transfer to Client’s staff.  Tad Nelson Consulting provides a full service management life cycle by incorporating the following frameworks:


·         Microsoft Solutions Framework (“MSF”) for design and implementation focused infrastructure projects

·         Microsoft Operations Framework (“MOF”) for operations management focused engagements 


Providing a reliable solution on time and within budget requires a proven project management approach. MSF is a deliberate and disciplined approach to technology projects based on a defined set of principles, models, disciplines, concepts, guidelines, and proven practices.



The MSF Process Model’s Delivery Phase consists of five discrete phases with specific objectives and deliverables shown below.